a woman's hand with many rings on it

Talking Trends on National Jewel Day

a woman's hand with many rings on it

Jewelry might be the go-to gift for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas—but at Sindur Fine & Antique Jewelry, we’re fond of celebrating the jewels (and jewelers) themselves. 

And today is the perfect day to do just that. March 13th marks National Jewel Day, a time to celebrate the pieces that take our breath away and the jewelers and gemologists who create them. This National Jewel Day, we encourage you to wear your finest earrings or most treasured necklace—and while you’re donning some of your favorite baubles, we’ll mark the occasion by sharing some of our favorite jewelry trends. 


Snake Designs

Whether new, vintage or antique, we can’t get enough of the sleek serpentine pieces. Snakes hold an incredible amount of symbolism for several religions and cultures—they can represent wisdom, rebirth, renewal or the duality of good and evil. In Egyptian mythology, snakes were even seen as a symbol of royalty and divinity.  No matter the association you have to these slithering, scaly serpents, you’ll certainly look like a royal with a shimmering snake coiled around your wrist or finger in jewelry form.


Bold Baubles

Subtle, classic pieces will always be in style, but right now, we’re LOVING bold pieces that make a statement. Big jewels, bright colors, unique shapes and mixed metals—there’s so much to love about a one-of-a-kind piece that immediately draws attention. We’re particularly fond of statement rings that catch the light (and all of the attention), like this amethyst sparkler and this stunning black opal set in yellow gold.


Modern, boundary-pushing designs

Our fondness for antique and vintage jewelry aside, we’ve loved helping our clients find modern, boundary-breaking pieces for their collections.  Bold, unique geometry is a hallmark of these more modern designs; we’ve seen a major shift towards jewels in hexagons and shield cuts (like this modern ring), clean lines and intentional asymmetry. 

Are any of these trends catching your eye, or is there another up-and-coming style that you’re wanting to try? Let us help you find a new piece to add to your collection.