The Process

Once the appraisal request form has been submitted, we will reach out to you in order to schedule the appraisal or consultation service.

Our Appraisal Service

Sindur’s team offers complete inventory management and catalog processing for collections small and large. Whether you need a family heirloom evaluated and documented, or an entire collection evaluated for re-sale on various platforms such as EBAY, ETSY or your own website, we offer those services.

The step by step processing will include a full grading by a GIA graduate gemologist, catalog entry documenting the piece and its details, and color HD photographs to capture the pieces in detail.

Our appraisal services include the following information:

  • Full Insurance Coverage and Loss
  • Reports Written to the Highest Insurance Industry Standards
  • Independent Evaluation by a GIA Graduate Gemologist
  • Professional Photographs of Each Piece
  • Bound and Certified Reports
  • Retail Replacement Cost
  • Auction Market Value
  • Collection Documentation and Risk Management

Appraisal Request Form

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