Jewelry Repair & Restoration Services

At Sindur Fine & Antique Jewelry, we aim to provide the highest caliber of repair, restoration, and customization services to meet all of your needs. We understand the sentimental value of your most cherished jewelry pieces and how important it is to keep them looking their best!

Ring Resizing & Repair

Do you have a ring that doesn’t quite fit right? We offer resizing services for platinum, gold and silver rings. We also offer a variety of ring repairs including retipping or replacing missing or worn prongs, tightening or setting stones, and more.

Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration

Exposure to the elements, poor storage conditions, and the passage of time can cause even the finest and most well-made pieces to lose their brilliance. We know how to effectively clean and restore your favorite pieces.

Chain & Clasp Repair & Replacement

Our experienced team members can repair broken or worn clasps. We offer repairs or replacements on chains, bracelets and anklets.

Mounting & Remounting of Loose Stones

Do you have a loose diamond or gemstone you would like to have mounted or remounted? Sindur will help you create a one-of-a-kind setting for your stone, as well as replace any missing stones. We also offer a variety of ring mountings that are readily available for viewing or inspiration.

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