an emerald and diamond ring on a black background

Rethinking the Class Ring: Fine Jewelry for Your High School Graduate

an emerald and diamond ring on a black background

A high school graduation is a momentous occasion (especially here in Cincinnati, where the question of where you went to high school can follow you well into adulthood). For most teens, earning a diploma isn’t just a celebration of their educational achievements and hard work. It’s also a time to look forward to the exciting future that lies ahead.

A special moment like this is worth preserving—and fine jewelry is a popular way to commemorate a major milestone. But while most schools offer some variation of a class ring for graduates, these pieces go unworn more often than not. (Admit it: your class ring is probably collecting dust in a drawer somewhere). 

We believe that jewelry, especially a piece that celebrates a special moment, should be worn and cherished. So: let’s rethink the tradition of the class ring! If you have a daughter, niece, or other loved one graduating this spring, a piece of fine jewelry that captures her school pride and the memories she made in high school is an excellent gift. (And odds are, she’ll wear it a lot more than a clunky class ring!)

Show Your True (School) Colors

Most traditional class rings honor a student’s alma mater by incorporating the school’s designated colors. If you want go the same route for your graduate, colored gemstones are a perfect way to go. Check out our picks for students at several local high schools below!

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Purple)

For schools with a purple-hued palette, like CHCA, there are plenty of stones that fit the bill! Consider this dainty pink-purple sapphire ring, or even a pair of amethyst studs for a CHCA grad.

a pair of gold and amethoraite earrings

Indian Hill High School (Red and white)

We recommend rubies and garnets for graduates of Indian Hill High School, where you can find a sea of red and white at pep rallies and football games. This ruby and diamond bezel ring is a perfect match. Alternatively, you can go with a more classic three-stone ring with a crimson center stone.

three stone ring with red and white diamonds

Sycamore High School and Ursuline Academy (green and gold)

For students at Sycamore High School and Ursuline Academy in Blue Ash, golds and greens reign supreme—and there are so many ways to incorporate these shades into a piece of fine jewelry. Peridots and emeralds set in gold are great options. Something like this simple emerald and diamond ring or a peridot halo ring would be a perfect gift that can be worn for years to come.

an emerald and diamond ring on a black background

Mason High School (Kelly green and white)

Green stones are also an ideal choice for an impending graduate of Mason High School—specifically, kelly green! A white gold, diamond and emerald ring is a perfect match for Mason’s school colors, and is simple enough to be worn every day.

a white gold ring with emeralds and diamonds

Mount Notre Dame (Columbia blue and white)

Aquamarine and blue topaz are perfect for a soon-to-be-graduate of Mount Notre Dame, an all-girl school which boasts Columbia blue and white as its school colors. This stunning blue topaz and diamond ring would make a treasured heirloom. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple aquamarine pendant that can be dressed up or down as she goes through college.

a blue topazte and diamond ring

Walnut Hills High School, St. Ursula Academy and Mariemont High School (Blue and gold)

Blue and gold is a popular combination for high school colors—in fact, it’s the official palette for Walnut Hills High School, St. Ursula Academy and Mariemont High School! Blue gemstones like sapphire, topaz and moonstone are extremely popular in jewelry today and look stunning set in yellow gold. Consider a classic sapphire and diamond halo ring as a gift for a Walnut Hills grad, or this dainty sapphire necklace for an SUA girl.

a diamond and sapphire ring

Honor a Special Tradition or Faith

If your soon-to-be graduate goes to a school with unique traditions, you can also pick a special piece of jewelry that honors a specific aspect of the school’s culture. At St. Ursula Academy and Ursuline Academy, for instance, new grads are crowned with wreaths of laurel instead of wearing a traditional cap and gown. A sweet ring that resembles a laurel crown is something that will be treasured for years to come.

a gold ring with diamonds on it

Similarly, you can gift a piece of jewelry that pays homage to the faith-based curriculum of a Catholic or Christian school. A delicate pendant of the Virgin Mary or a simple cross necklace can be beautiful and meaningful to a recent grad.

a gold pendant with the image of jesus on it

Don’t Forget Mascots!

School mascots are almost as important as school colors—and can also be incorporated into jewelry!  This Leo pendant could be a unique gift for an Ursuline Lion, for instance.  If your graduate is a CHCA Eagle, a striking gold wing necklace would be a lovely tribute to her alma mater. Or for a Mason Comet, consider a celestial-inspired piece (like this starburst locket).

a gold necklace with a lion on it

A Lasting Memory

Jewelry is a gift that can be treasured for a lifetime—and for recent high school graduates, a thoughtful piece of fine jewelry can serve as a lasting reminder of your love and support as they embark on an exciting new chapter. Even better, these pieces can be passed down to their own children if they attend the same high school, turning your gift into a treasured heirloom!

Need help picking the perfect gift for the grad in your life? We’d love to help you find the right ring or necklace—or even create a custom piece. Schedule an appointment with us today!