a woman is working on some jewelry

Fine Jewelry Care & Cleaning: Sindur’s Top Tips 

a woman is working on some jewelry

If you were on Santa’s “nice list,” you might have been lucky enough to receive some glimmering gems under the tree this holiday season. But now that the Christmas lights are coming down and the ornaments are packed away, it’s time to talk about keeping your fine jewelry sparkling like it did when you first unwrapped it. 

An often-overlooked part of owning fine jewelry is how to properly care for precious metals and gems. It’s true that gemstones and precious metals require a little TLC, but don’t worry—it’s actually quite simple to keep your favorite baubles in top condition. With a little bit of time and care, you can ensure your precious pieces become heirlooms, instead of forgotten treasures in a dusty drawer. Read on to learn more! 

Know Your Stones

Just like individuals, every gemstone has a unique background and personality—so it’s critically important to research your gems and understand their distinct strengths, needs, and sensitivities. For instance, hard stones like diamonds and sapphires can be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, but you should never put pearls, opals, or turquoise in these devices. Some gems can tolerate stronger chemical solutions for deeper cleaning, while others preferred to be babied with warm, soapy water. Not sure how to best care for your stones? Any reputable jeweler will be happy to help.

Clean with Kindness 

While it might be tempting to scrub your gems to remove dirt and oils, your fine jewelry will much prefer a gentle spa day!  Often, a simple mixture of lukewarm water and dish soap will do the trick; after soaking your pieces, use a soft toothbrush (bonus points for separate brushes for different stones) to gently massage away any grime. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and buff with a microfiber cloth. For stubborn tarnish or caked-on muck, consider taking your pieces to a professional for cleaning.

Store with Love

You wouldn’t stuff a silk dress into a messy backpack, right? The same treatment should be given to your fine jewelry. To keep your pieces in top condition, you’ll want to store them in a clean, safe environment; we recommend investing in a soft-lined jewelry box or individual pouches to keep your treasures from scratching and getting kinked or tangled. (Fun fact: You can store silver jewelry in anti-tarnish cloths to keep discoloration at bay.)

Take a Break

Believe us: We TOTALLY understand the urge to rock your statement necklace or Boss Babe ring 24/7. But just like people, sometimes gems need a breather! Unless a piece is specifically designed to be worn all day (like our Custom Initial Necklace, which Sindur never takes off!), we recommend taking off your jewelry before jumping in the pool, using chemical cleaning products, or hitting the gym. 

Professional Pampering 

Just like you deserve a facial or massage every so often, your jewelry can benefit from professional care. It’s always wise to take your precious pieces to a jeweler for a checkup and deep clean every few years. They can resize ill-fitting pieces, tighten loose settings, and restore your gems to their original glory.

Most importantly, remember that jewelry is meant to be enjoyed! Too often, we find that people are afraid to wear their precious gems out in public regularly; we want to give you permission to wear your most luxurious pieces with confidence, knowing you’re giving them the care they deserve. With a little love and attention, those glittering gems can become treasured heirlooms for generations to come.