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A Spectrum of Color in a Single Gem: The Opal

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October might be halfway over—but it’s always the right time to wear this month’s spectacular

Opals are the beloved gemstone of October, and they’re one of our favorites for a reason. Their
mesmerizing, iridescent play of color is unlike any other gem in the world, and they add a touch
of mystery and sophistication to every outfit. It’s no wonder why they’ve been prized by different
cultures around the world, and we’re proud to boast an impressive collection of opals right here
in the Sindur Fine & Antique Jewelry showroom!


Read on to learn more about the mystery, history and beauty of the opal:

Mystic & Sacred History: Opals have been treasured by many different cultures for thousands of years. In ancient Greece and Rome, for instance, opals were believed to bestow the gift of prophecy to the wearer, and in India, they were thought to possess
magical powers.

– Shimmering Spectrum: Unlike many other gems, which have a sought-after tone and
depth of color (like pigeon-blood red rubies), you can find the entire spectrum of the rainbow in a single opal. This is due to the how the tiny silica spheres within the stone are arranged and reflect light. In fact, many of these stones are cut into unique shapes that highlight the gem’s spectacular play of color.

– The King of Opals: While many opals feature shades of green, blue, pink, purple and white, black opals also exist and are often called the “king of opals”. Discovered in 1902 in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia, black opal is the name given to any
opal that displays “play of color” with a dark or black body color.

– Large & In Charge: The largest and most valuable opal gemstone ever found is the “Olympic Australis,” which was discovered in 1956 at the famous “Eight Mile” opal field in Coober Pedy, South Australia. Consisting of 99% gem opal with an even color throughout, it weighs a whopping 17,000 carats (3450 grams) and was valued at over $2.5 million AUD.

– Handle with Care: Like anything beautiful, you’ll want to use extra care when it comes to handling and wearing opals. The opal is a relatively soft gemstone that is susceptible to scratching, so you might not want to use one as the center stone in an everyday ring.
They’re also sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, so it’s extra important to store opals properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

If you’re looking for a gemstone that is both beautiful and unique, then an opal is a perfect choice. With their stunning play of color and rich history, a carefully selected piece of opal jewelry is sure to turn heads and make a statement. Here are some of our current favorites—but if you’re interested in creating a custom opal piece, we’d love to help!

– A Sindur Exclusive: Custom Bezel-Set Opal Ring

– Vintage Vibes: Antique Yellow Gold Opal & Diamond Necklace

– Simple & Stunning: Yellow Gold & Opal Studs