many different types of rings and bracelets

Emerald Care: Keep Your Green Gems Gleaming

many different types of rings and bracelets

Emeralds have captivated hearts for centuries, from Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor—and it’s no wonder why. Who could resist the luscious, vivid green fire of a perfectly cut emerald? (Not us!)

A fine piece of emerald jewelry is a must-have for any gem enthusiast, but be warned: These beauties require a little extra TLC. Emeralds are quite hard, clocking in at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale (compared to a diamond’s 10)—but they aren’t invincible. Emeralds have a tendency to cleave, which means they can chip or crack more easily than some other stones.

This means a little caution is needed when rocking your emerald jewelry. Here’s how to keep your emeralds gleaming for generations.

a necklace with a heart shaped green stone

Clean with Care

Most commercially available emeralds are treated with oils or resins to enhance their clarity, and harsh detergents or ultrasonic cleaners can damage these treatments. The takeaway? Avoid chemicals and heavy scrubbing when caring for your emerald jewelry. Additionally, it is critical that you not soak these gems in water for any period of time.

Our top tips for cleaning your emerald fine jewelry:  

  • Skip ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners.
  • Use mild dish soap and warm water, and use a light hand when cleaning.
  • Be sure to dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. Some people even avoid water altogether, opting for a silk toothbrush or wiping with a cloth instead of washing. In general: Less water is best for these beauties! 

Avoid Heat & Humidity

Emeralds don’t like things too hot or steamy! Avoid exposing your emeralds to hot lights, excessive solar radiation, or other sources of heat; these could potentially dry out fracture fillings and lead to cracks. 

We also suggest removing any emerald jewelry before heading into hot tubs, saunas, or cooking with high heat. And, as mentioned above, it’s a best practice to avoid any and all unnecessary water contact. A lot of emeralds get destroyed from simply washing hands over time. 

Be Activity Aware

Emeralds might go with every outfit, but they shouldn’t be part of every adventure. Bumps and blows can damage these verdant beauties.  Save your emerald rings and bracelets for special occasions, and put them away when weeding the garden or assembling Ikea furniture. We recommend that you opt for more durable stones like diamonds, sapphires or rubies for everyday wear.

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Store Them Safely

Depending on the gems you have in your collection, emeralds can scratch or be scratched by other pieces if stored improperly. To prevent this, we recommend keeping your emerald jewelry separate from the rest of your collection. You can store them in soft pouches or in their own compartment in a jewelry box. (You might want to consider investing in a jewelry box with separate compartments lined with soft fabric.)

By following these simple steps, you can ensure your emeralds stay dazzling for years to come.  With the right treatment and regular care, your emerald ring or necklace can become an heirloom piece that is passed down through generations.

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