a mother's day card with hearts on it

A Very Special Mother’s Day

a mother's day card with hearts on it

Many assume that a jeweler’s busiest seasons are around Valentine’s Day or Christmas—but surprisingly, we see a lot of customers hunting for necklaces and earrings in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. And for good reason, too: What better way to celebrate the mother figures in our lives and show our appreciation for their love and support than with a thoughtful piece of jewelry?

Finding the perfect piece that fits your mother’s unique tastes might seem daunting, especially with so many different types and styles to choose from.  Fortunately, our team at Sindur Fine & Antique Jewelry is always available to help you select the right gift—just schedule an appointment to visit our showroom. In the meantime, here are some tips and ideas to get you thinking:

  • Birthstones & customization.

    A piece that incorporates a personal touch like her birthstone, or the birthstones of her children and grandchildren, shows that you put a lot of thought into picking the perfect gift. Gems not her thing? Consider a charm bracelet or necklace that you can add to year after year.  

  • Lifestyle & activity level.

    Your mom’s activity level and interests can absolutely make an impact on the jewelry she wears. If she’s particularly active, a pair of simple stud earrings she can wear every day might make more sense than a set of elaborate chandelier earrings. If she does a lot of work with her hands, you might want to steer clear from rings or bracelets with softer stones (like opals) that can be easily scratched. 

  • Casual vs. glam.

    If your mom favors a more casual, “jeans and a t-shirt” style, consider a piece of jewelry with smaller stones and a lower profile that she can wear every day (we love this rose gold paperclip chain bracelet).  On the other hand, if your mom loves to dress up for events or galas, we can help you find a statement piece just as glamorous as she is! 

  • The gift of choice.

    Struggling to pick the perfect necklace or bracelet? Consider one of our amazing gemstone candles, which contains a natural gemstone worth anywhere between $200 and $1,000. The stone will be revealed as the candle burns, and your mom can bring it to our studio and receive 20% off any custom created piece using the gem!

  • Don’t overthink it.

    In our experience, most mothers are simply thrilled that their loved ones took the time to hand-select a piece of jewelry just for her. Whatever you pick, she’ll treasure it forever. 


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so don’t wait to buy the perfect gift! Schedule an appointment at our showroom today, or make your purchase online at any time.